As a manpower recruiter, PARMAN selects and screens personnel, ensuring that their capabilities and qualifications can satisfy client's needs and specifications. And then we navigate them through all the regulatory and logistical requirements not just until they reach your jobsite but often throughout their stay with you.

What's the Parman Procedure?

  1. We cast a wide net with multi-media advertisements and online postings.
  2. We double-check the information on the applicants' forms to ensure accuracy and authenticity.
  3. Prospective personnel are made to take psychological tests, medical tests and inoculation with POEA accredited medical clinics. All medical clearances are properly authenticated.
  4. Prospective personnel are then tested to verify whether they have the trade skills required. Parman may also arrange for "on the job" training of recruited personnel if the client requires it.
  5. We secure for all recruited personnel the necessary travel documents, such as a valid Philippine passport, and other exit documents required by the POEA. This may also include airline bookings.
  6. We conduct pre-departure orientation seminars for the recruited personnel to explain their job duties, the geographic and cultural features of their place of assignment and the laws and regulations that they need to observe while under contract.
  7. We can arrange for remittances of the workers' salaries to their families through orderly and legal banking channels. We also serve as a liaison to the family of the workers if required by the client.

We believe we can find the most suitable and qualified person for you.

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During the past years, PARMAN has provided services, managerial and manpower supplement, as well as managed and administered the personnel for the following:

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