Professional. We go the extra step to ensure the professional licenses of the workers we offer are authentic and up to date. We test their competence and readiness to take on specific functions to reduce onsite training time.

Adaptable. Our workers are conditioned to work in tough jobsites, on land or sea, anywhere in the world. Guaranteed fluent in written and verbal English, PARMAN workers easily relate to a diverse and foreign work crew and have flexible religious, dietary and cultural requirements.

Reliable. We understand that it all comes down to ability and attitude in the end. At PARMAN, we find you workers that you can rely on.


Our company values set us apart.

1. SPEED - We know our clients are committed to tight deadlines; hence time is of the essence. We pride ourselves in prompt responses to your queries and streamlined processes for workers’ dispatch

2. REACH - Using the latest in software technology, we establish backward and forward linkages in our search for qualified applicants in order to offer clients a wide spectrum of skill levels to suit their specific needs and budgets.

3. VALUE - We are constantly reviewing and streamlining our procedures in order to reduce costs and pass on savings to our clients


Parman is a family-run business founded by Juanito N. Ferrer, a retired colonel. Ferrer began in the construction field as Baguio’s City Engineer in 1950 and went on to become the Secretary for Department of Public Works and Highways under the Aquino administration. Ferrer created PARMAN to supply manpower for all forms of construction, engineering and operations/ maintenance projects. In 1982, his son Joel left the banking industry to join ERECSA, Parman’s parent company, as vice president for finance. Erecsa was later merged with Parman. Under the younger Ferrer's term, Parman has expanded into new territories.

What our clients say…
“Burns and Roe Services Corp. has worked with PARMAN for 28 years, hiring over 10,000 Filipino workers for everything from Engineering to technical trades to vessel operators to admin to construction trades and many more positions. PARMAN is reputable, professional, service oriented, quality driven and most importantly worker and family conscious. BRSC’s relationship with PARMAN has been and is currently the best possible marriage a World Wide Corporation and its hiring agency could ask.”
Wiliam T. Elliott,
Program Director for Burns and Roe Services Corp.

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